wrexham fitness yoga


Wrexham Yoga was founded by and is run by Jo Williams a professional fitness
instructor and yoga teacher.

The overall concept Jo wanted for Wrexham Yoga was to create a fitness program that
would be both challenging and beneficial but also accessible to a wide range of ages and
abilities. With this in mind Jo has created a set of classes using a combination of freestyle
yoga based exercise and music that will improve and enhance personal fitness and

The main improvements you can expect from Wrexham Yoga's fitness yoga classes include
improved physical fitness, enhanced flexibility, improved posture and core strength. These
benefits combined with a reduced risk of injury and muscular stress make wrexham yoga's
program of fitness yoga a perfect solution to your personal fitness requirements.

Wrexham Yoga classes are suitable to all ages and fitness levels, If you have any specific
medical or mobility problems Jo will be happy to discuss your specific needs prior to your
first visit, Please contact her direct via the " contact us " page.